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Commissioned by the United States Coast Guard July 25th, 2001 with designation number LLNR-10373 Class II with a minimum flash of 10s for maximum length of .5s - At Caseville Harbor south side of Pigeon River, East side of M-25 at latitude 43 degrees North 56 minutes .830 seconds / longitude 83 degrees West 17 minutes .068 seconds. Housed: White with red roof on 48' X 45' building with 10' wide tower with cupola on top housing the light. The lighthouse stands 65 feet above water level and flashes half a second every 10 seconds from its site on the Caseville Harbor Light Condominiums.

What appears at first glance to be a decorative architectural accent, the tower with the red roof is actually an officially registered Class II private aid lighthouse.

The decision to link a lighthouse with the condominium development can be traced to William Crane, a lighthouse enthusiast and board member of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Museum in Mackinac City. Crane, with James Murdoch, is behind the condo project.

Crane was one of the last civilians to visit White Shoal lighthouse 22 miles west of the Mackinaw Bridge. To get there, he had to use his 18-foot powerboat.

Crane loves lighthouses, and when he realized Caseville harbor didn’t have one, he approached his architect with the idea of incorporating one into the condominium’s Phase One building design. As soon as he was told it could be done, the lighthouse was born. Access to the lighthouse is through one of the units.

"I patterned its design after Point Leelanau Lighthouse. Its dimensions are the same,” Crane said. " it gives off a 5 1/2 mile beam into the Lake and serves as a range light for the channel. It lines up with the green navigational light at the tip of the Caseville breakwall.” “That was purely an accident,” said his lifetime partner. “The Lord knows more than we do,” she added.

Eager to describe his pride and joy in detail, Crane is quick to point out that it boasts an eight-sided cupola. Most are six-sided. The red roof is traditional.Crane explained that the traditional red roof of the lighthouse was always equipped with a smokestack to allow fumes from the whale oil lamps to escape. The Caseville lightouse didn’t need that detail, he said.

It is complete with a “bird beak,” a 12-inch ball topped by a cone resembling a bird beak. Its purpose remains the same as those found on older lighthouses: to keep seagulls from perching and soiling the lighthouse’s roof and windows.

"The Light is available for tours by appointment."




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Tideland's ML-155 MaxLumina ® marine signal lantern is used in thousands of installations worldwide to mark buoys, offshore structures, channels, bridges, barges and docks. It was the lens of choice for the Caseville Harbor Light.

Quality Construction
With it's simple design and sturdy construction, the acrylic fresnel lens and hinge are formed from a single piece injection molding incorporating 38 optical elements. The lens transmits more light in the horizontal plane — and throughout the 360o azimuth—than a 200 mm pressed glass lens. The lens attaches to the base through an integral hinge and six-point fasteners, providing easy access to the interior. A molded, watertight lens-to-base seal effectively weather-proofs the interior of the lantern.

The ML-155 uses standard marine lamps and accommodates most flasher/lampchangers, including Tideland's TF-3B MicroPower OMNIBUS ® II six-place flasher/lampchanger.

The TF-3B MicroPower OMNIBUS II flasher/lampchanger operates on 9 to 36 VDC and flashes single-contact prefocused marine lamps to any of 256 user-selectable codes. It contains the OMNIBUS II flasher/timer card, a general light beacon controller and functions as a simple timer as well as a fully functional flasher/timer circuit. As a simple timer, it is capable of generating a flash code signal and supports a synchronisation of the flash code with other similar units. As a flasher/timer, it replaces the standard MicroPower OMNIBUS and Syncrostat ™ controller with additional functionality such as built-in solar charge regulator, Lamp Power Control and external monitoring and control via Tideland's NavLink ® system.


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